Hackathon with CERN and TU/e

Vladimir Osin Vladimir Osin Follow Jul 16, 2018 · 1 min read
Hackathon with CERN and TU/e
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Together with Ekhtiar Syed from Signify, and Damian Andrew Tamburri from Jheronimus Academy of Data Science we helped CERN and Eindhoven University of Technology organize a Data Science Workshop for Software Technology PDEng program.

We had the pleasure of introducing distributed data processing and machine learning with Apache Spark as a part of the workshop under our open education initiative Open Data Science and Engineering.

It’s great to see many people across different organizations come together to promote science in general.

Thanks for making it possible and it was a pleasure working with you all: Dirk Duellmann (CERN),
Alfonso Portabales González (CERN),
Manuel Gonzalez Berges (CERN),
Yanja Dajsuren (TU/e).

Vladimir Osin
Written by Vladimir Osin Follow
Data Scientist/Engineer at Signify