Meetup #1 at JADS

Vladimir Osin Vladimir Osin Follow Oct 31, 2018 · 1 min read
Meetup #1 at JADS
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Almost half a year ago together with Ekhtiar Syed, we decided that it will be relevant to organize a meetup for our educational initiative. Yesterday, the plan was executed at Jheronimus Academy of Data Science with help of our good friend Damian Andrew Tamburri.

It was a pleasure to see all of the attendees. We managed to attract a versatile audience (take a look at the attached EDA of the audience). The goal of our meetups is to connect with data scientists and engineers around this region. Since we already have a small network of our own, we can bootstrap this goal with this meetup.

Ekhtiar Syed did a great kick off explaining our core values and intentions at Open DSE, which is to gather data scientists and engineers and form a family-like community.

Pierluigi Casale did an inspiring talk of mobility transformation using AI/ML.

Corrado Grappiolo initiated a highly relevant discussion about reinforcement learning.

Meetup presentations and photos available here.

Vladimir Osin
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