Meetup #3 at JADS

Vladimir Osin Vladimir Osin Follow Jun 21, 2019 · 1 min read
Meetup #3 at JADS
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Our third meetup was conducted at Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, with great help from Damian Andrew Tamburri and Dimesion Study Association.

Ekhtiar Syed managed to host event and gave an amazing introduction about Open DSE.

John Kop and Luc Nies from Wärtsilä presented an overview of anomaly detection systems that they are using to prevent failures of ship engines. Another interesting aspect is valuable role of experts in the process of determining anomalies.

Zeinab Bakhtiarinoodeh from TomTom gave a great talk about different available sensor modalities and how to analyze data from sensors with a jupyter notebook demo about dynamic time warping.

I discussed ways how you can start utilizing Docker for your data science tasks and why it’s really important. We have some nice docker images already here.

Meetup presentations and photos available here.

Vladimir Osin
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